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Review IV

Rethinking Geometries

Complex geometries have long been indispensable fo architects. But until recently, there appeares to be nothing fashionable or urgent about rethinking this basic tool. What, then, prompted a school of architecture to revive geometries and make this subject the focus of its 2005/2006 lecture series? The renewed interest has been due to the advancement of two fiels: the development of digital technologies in modelling and simulation which allowe for a better understanding of emergent behavious and self-organization on the one hand, and the development of new materials, fabrication technique and assemblies on the other. These new techniques and geometries challenge the way the discipline thinks about spatial and material organization. They question the design and form finding process.

The essays in "Review IV" represent snapshots of various different approaches to geometries by guest lecturers, faculty members and external writers: Yona Friedman, Gabriele Reiterer, Paul Andersen, Stefan Gruber, Michael Weinstock, Erhard An-He Kinzelbach, Ulrich Königs, Bernard Cache, Joost Meuwissen, David Salomon, Andrei Gheorge, Chris Williams

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