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The Yearbook of the Institute for Art and Architecture (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna) documents a selection of student projects of the academic year 2004/2005 from the studios of Rüdiger Lainer, Farshid Moussavi and Eyal Weizman, as well as the class for scenography by Erich Wonder. Another focus is organized by the Institute international lecture series "Design in the extended field".

Interviews with Astrid Klein, Stan Allen, Detlef Mertins and Werner Sobek give an insight into the rich program of lectures. Essays by Walter Chramosta, Joost Meuwissen, Gabriele Reiterer and Elizabeth of Samsonow deepen the theoretical approach of the subject. The calendar of events describes the activities in the past academic year: an informative overview of persons, teaching, and application procedures as a guide for applicants and interested parties.

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